One-on-One Virtual Sessions: 30 or 60 mins

I approach Remote or Distance Healing Sessions in the same way that I do any in-person session with a few modifications.  The biggest difference of course is we will not be in the same room but rather we will be meeting over video.  However the goal is still the same, to have each client leave our session feeling relaxed and renewed.  


I tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs which we discuss together at the start of our session.  I take a multidimensional layered approach & follow my intuition based on our conversation and the energy felt during the session.  The approach may vary every time we meet and may include the use of essential oils, crystals, meditation, music or other modalities that may fit.  Now of course we are not in person so you will not be actually smelling the oils or touching the crystals however their energy will still be present.  

The average session is 60 minutes and is formatted with about 15-20 mins of discussion to start, a 30-35 mins reiki healing then 5-15 mins review of the session to end.  The approach is completely intuitive however so this breakdown may vary session by session.  Also I usually give a little homework to work on between sessions.  Along with the actual reiki, much of the healing sessions involve coaching to help with healing between sessions. 

I also offer a 30 mins option for remote distance healing only which can be great if you are looking for a quick pick me up or would like to have me send healing to a friend or relative who may have a need.  All first time sessions should be booked for the 60 mins option.

Healing can be done for anyone from anywhere!!  I love showing my clients how just a few sessions whether in-person or from a distance can make an enormous difference to their mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical health.   If you have any questions please connect with me! 

One-on-One Sessions can be booked online. 

If you are looking for days or times not listed please connect with me.  

Remote Healing

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