5 things that lift me up when struggling with emotions

Updated: Apr 27

I don't know about you but this pandemic has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. When it started I was gung ho and ultra positive about how I will take advantage of the time and make sure that I thrive through this all. I was going to help everyone and come out all sunshine and roses. This was not going to get me down.... Fast forward a few weeks and my energy started dwindling but I kept going.... Keeping up with school at home, being in & around the house the majority of the time with only a couple of stops at the grocery store which was super stressful in itself making sure I keep my distance from everyone, wash my hands and everything that may have touched anyone else not to mention the endless cooking and cleaning - all while trying to run a business and pivot the business to be fully virtual.... And as much as I was excited to be home more with my kids and bond more with them, this is A LOT! But I kept pushing along and doing all that I could do each day, trying to convince myself not to give in... I thought it would be totally fine to do this through the end of the school year... but when they announced it officially, something in my subconscious flipped.... This past weekend my energy was so drained. I realized that I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. And in talking with my dear friend and coach about how I was feeling, she asked me, have you surrendered to this? I took a few moments to think on it and realized no, I had not. I didn't want to give in, I didn't want to show to everyone that I was struggling... I am a healer and coach for goodness sake. If I as a healer was struggling how can I help others? I realized that I was not letting myself grieve and truly feel all that was going on. But she reminded me that in sharing my struggles I help others. And that everyone is going through something during this time and it's more than ok to share. And if I am forcing myself to keep going I am not helping anyone. My effort will almost be wasted as it's not coming from a truly authentic space. So here I am sharing with you my struggle.... the emotions are running wild. This pandemic is unprecedented and we all will come through this in our own way. Some already processed it, some are in the middle of processing now and some may not have yet. And no matter where you are it is OK. It is more than OK. Your journey is just as valid and authentic as anyone else's. And if you are feeling it, I am sure someone else is too!

Are you feeling like this at all? It's not just me right?! Thank goodness I have my spirituality and the tools to work through this. I can only imagine where I would be today if I didn't.... 5 Things that I have been doing to help lift myself up during this time are:

1. Meditating: I take some time each day to meditate. Sometimes it's a walking meditation, sometimes it's guided and sometimes it's me locking my bedroom door for 5 minutes of silent time.

2. Breathe: Take a moment or 2 to just concentrate on breathing. One hand on my heart and one on my belly and take the deepest breath in through my nose envisioning all sorts of amazing healing energy entering then deep breath out letting the negativity go. Do this breath about 8-10 times and feel how relaxed yet energized you feel.

3. Journaling: I have been putting pen to paper and writing down my thoughts and feelings as often as I think of it. Getting them out on paper helps to release them from you. And I have taken it a step further and also written down what no longer is serving me then burning that paper to release it from my energetic field.

4. Getting Outside: I have been getting outside as much as possible. Breathing fresh air and connecting with nature help to ground me. I also took a drive one day to the beach and although I couldn't stop since they are closed, it was grounding just to smell the fresh salt air.

5. Playing & being present with the kids: We have been outside just about every day playing basketball. I am actually getting pretty good at HORSE! haha! Connecting with my inner child while also connecting with my kiddos has really been the best therapy. (when they are not arguing of course....) And when playing with the kids I am doing my best to be truly present with them. (when I am not they call me out... and I also don't have as much fun... Presence is KEY)

I hope these will help you. Please know that if I can help you in anyway I am here for you. Reach out to me or someone else who you trust. Do not hold it in. Feel your feelings. Find peace in what is. Choose Love over Fear. You are not alone. Stay safe and healthy. Love & Light, Jill

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