Pumpkin lattes anyone??

Can you believe it is September 1st? Who's excited for fall???

Are you one who starts drinking the pumpkin lattes and ordering all things pumpkin spice starting August 1st? Or are you on t

he beach soaking up every last minute of this sun before it's too cold dreaming of a week in the Caribbean? I absolutely LOVE the fall, though not really a pumpkin nut, but I have to say, I will be at the beach a few times over the next couple weeks. Who's kidding? I go to the beach all year round as long as it's not too cold that I will get frostbite....

Really though, Do you feel the change? The change in weather.... The last few nights have been amazing sleeping with the window open and the fresh air. And the change in life...

September is a time for many of transition and new beginnings. A new year for those starting school and although this year is looking alot different than the past school years I know my kids are excited for getting back to a routine and seeing some of their friends. And I believe I am ready too, atleast as ready as I will be!

Whether your child is homeschooled, remote, hybrid or full time back to school, this year will be different, right? I am sure we are all feeling it. BUT different does not mean it won't be amazing! It's all in what we make of it. There will be stress, there will be unknowns, there will be some fear and overwhelm but we can set the intention now that we will not let those feelings take over. We will do our best to control what we can and flow through the rest.

What intentions are you and your kiddos making for this new school year? Have you sat down and thought about it?

Here are a few things my kiddos and I are doing to set us up for the upcoming school year (we start next week... but if you already started, it's never too late to implement these into your routine or you life. They can be used anytime and all the time) These 6 things are helping us to have a positive mindset moving into this school year!

1. Feel our feelings: We are talking about, sharing and truly FEELING our feelings. It is OK and totally natural to feel nervous, scared, overwhelmed... Don't push your feelings aside. FEEL them! Feeling them is the first step before being about to shift them (if a shift is needed).

2. Set Intentions: How do we desire to feel? What do we desire to do this school year? Who do we desire to be? We are setting some amazing intentions, writing them down and sharing them with each other. We will also be doing a family energy board soon too! (when we do it we will share!)

3. Set up our Environment: We spent time decluttering and setting up designated space for school and work for the days we are remote. The kids shared what they desired to have set up and it was great to work together and see their excitement for the set up. A clean, decluttered and inspiring space will definitely help with motivation to get our work done!

4. Language: We work on our language to be as positive as possible. There are moments of course where we speak low-vibe or negative words but we are really trying to be mindful of our words and put out into the universe what we desire to get back. This is definitely a work in progress... but we are working on it. Positive Affirmations help!

5. Gratitude: A gratitude practice is another work in progress but most days we do this. We think about and express what and whom we are grateful for and FEEL it! This is not just something to check off our "to do" list but rather something that truly helps us feel joy and be thankful for all that we do have... especially during tough moments in time. We have a family gratitude journal that we leave out and write in when it feels right and we also talk about it at bedtime or during dinner usually. But gratitude can be expressed and felt ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!

6. Breathing/Meditation: I meditate daily and am working on meditating with the kids at night before bed. We have not mastered it but it is a practice so we practice as often as possible... when it works in our schedule. Sometimes I will even catch the kids meditating on their own.... that makes my heart feel so great. Also we are working on our breathing techniques. When stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, belly breathing or box breathing is super helpful. Breathing is such a natural thing but how often to we REALLY take deep breaths... when we do though it really helps us to relax.

Interested in learning more about how to have a positive mindset for the school year? I go into each of these in more detail in my free facebook group.

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Wishing you the most amazing start the the school year!

Love & Light,

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