Intentions for the New Decade

The new year is upon us. Let’s talk about how 1/1/20 is not only the start of the new year but also a new decade.

This has really had me thinking. Do you remember where you were in life on 1/1/10 when the decade started?

I was married with a 1 year old amazing daughter who had just begun to walk. I was working corporate, a career that I had thought would be fulfilling yet there was already a lingering feeling in my gut that it would not. I desired to be home more with my daughter and felt a longing for a deeper purpose. But I was at a place in my life where I thought I “should” be and I was going to make sure I had a successful marriage, career & family no matter what it took. I would “have it all” even if that meant I lost myself in the process. (Of course I didn’t realize this until years and lots of souls searching later).

Fast forward to 12/31/19, the end of this decade and wow has life changed! I am now the proud mama of 2 absolutely amazing kiddos who are both extraordinary humans. I am divorced, successfully co-parenting with the kiddos dad and happy. I am living in a different town, I left the corporate world for that of entrepreneurship and I am pursuing a life of Intention, passion & service. I trust myself again and I feel more authentically me than I have in years. Wow what a difference 10 years makes! (though most of those changes actually happened in the last few years)

After reflecting on the last 10 years (there’s definitely more to it than just the quick summary above), I took some time to think about what I desire from the next 10 years. What I truly desire. And I don’t mean superficially, I went deep. I am sure the next 10 years will fly by even faster than the last, so I am going to make sure I live every moment of them with intention. I will love. I will feel. I will evolve. I will inspire. I will Be!

10 years may seem like it will fly by to me but to others it may seem like such a long time, it’s all about perspective. When I brought the concept of a decade up to my daughter who has just barely lived more than 1, the conversation was very interesting. Her perspective was eye opening. And my son, who just turned 6, could not even wrap his head around it other than the fact that he will be learning to drive when the next decade starts. (😳-Thanks for that visual kid!)

We discussed that rather than setting specific goals or outcomes for the years to come, we focus on setting intentions for how we desire to feel, what we desire to do and who we desire to be. These intentions will be the overall themes that will help us to set goals and lead an intentional life going forward.

As an aspiring author (currently only one of her career aspirations), I asked my daughter to share with us, through her writing, her intentions for the next decade. Here they are, in her own words, simple yet inspiring:

In the new decade I desire to feel happy, excited, and proud.

One of my intentions for the start of the decade is to do good in middle school and have a good record for schools to come like high school and college.

Another intention I have for the decade is to travel. I desire to see the sights and explore different places of the world like Australia. My favorite cousin, Keara moved there only a little while ago and she has done the most amazing things like surfing and skydiving. It is so beautiful there, too with an ocean right next door and warm weather all months of the year.

My third intention for the decade is to get along more with my little brother, Joseph. He always bugs me and teases me, but he is as cute as can be and I wish to have an amazing relationship with him now and as we get older.

My fourth intention is to pursue my dream of being an author. Contributing to this blog post is the first step, of many, that will help me get there.

I can’t believe when this decade ends I will be 21! I am excited to see my intentions become reality.

Now that we have set some intentions for the new decade, we will use those to help set intentions and specific goals for the year to come.

Setting intentions with your kids for the future is an amazing experience and here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Their perspective will inspire you to dig even deeper into your own intentions.

  2. You get to know your kids on another level.

  3. You gain insight into what your kids desire thus helping you with planning family goals.

  4. It’s fun & gets you feeling like a kid again!

  5. You teach your kids how to plan for their future and live with intention. As Ella put it, “it teaches me good habits”.

We encourage you to take some time to think about your intentions for the new decade and the new year too! And we encourage you to include your kids! A family that sets intentions together has a great life together!

Remember also, Intentions can be set anytime! You do not have to wait until the new year or the new decade. You can set them at anytime you desire to. So if you have not thought of them yet, do it now! And once you set the bigger intentions don't forget to revisit them and set your intentions each day to help align you with your larger hopes, dreams & goals.


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