Gratitude Practice

Do you have a gratitude practice? If so, what does it include? Do you write them down in a journal or day planner? Do you say them out loud to yourself, significant other or kids? Or do you just think about them when you wake up in the morning?

How often do you practice gratitude? Daily, weekly, monthly, only at Thanksgiving?

Does your family and/or your kids have a gratitude practice?

Gratitude is one of those words that is thrown around a lot these days but starting a gratitude practice was not something I started because it was trendy.... I started it because I was looking for ways to be more inspired and joyful in my life. Studies show that if you are grateful for what you have in life, it brings you so much more joy and happiness. If you have ever read about the law of attraction or other studies about manifestation you may also read about how being grateful for what you have and having a positive mindset can attract more positive in your life. Who doesn't desire more happiness, joy and positivity in life?

Since starting my gratitude practice a couple years ago (and doing a whole lot of other work on myself too), my life has truly evolved. And once I saw what it did for me, I started implementing a practice with the kids. Our little family spends more time appreciating each other and what we have and less time comparing ourselves to what we see online or in our neighborhood. (don't get me wrong.... comparisons still happen.... but they are less frequent for sure). And I can't say we are perfect and the 3 of us practice a formal gratitude practice every morning but we do it much more often than ever before. Sometimes in the morning when we get up, sometimes on the ride to school/work/camp, sometimes on the fly when we are struggling with emotions and sometimes at night right before bed. There is never a bad time for gratitude. Being aware of how grateful you are and truly FEELING it is the key, not just thinking or saying it. And if you can feel it while writing it down I feel that is wonderful so you can always go back and review.

My goal for this upcoming school year is to further develop our gratitude practice as individuals and as a family. It is part of a list of practices we aim to do daily. We have a family journal that I would love to get back to using where we share positive I am statements as well as gratitude statements with each other.

If you have any great ideas that you have implemented or plan to with your family I would love to hear about it if you are willing to share.

I am grateful for all of you who read my posts. I hope this inspires you.


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