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"The foundation of a good relationship with intentions and goals is keeping in mind that the primary aim of setting and working toward them is to feel the way you want to feel."  Danielle LaPorte 

These are the steps I took while setting my intentions for 2020 and I truly enjoyed every moment of the process:

Determined my top 5 core desired feelings:  I meditate with the focus of how do I desire to feel everyday.  I set aside an hour to do this - I didn't set a timer and just allowed myself to meditate as long as my mind & body felt intuitively, which ended up about 18 minutes. Once the meditation completed I journaled and wrote words and feelings freely.  From that I chose my 5 feelings.  

Set some basic intentions based on those feelings:  Again I journaled.  I freely wrote about things I desire to do, who I desire to be and what would be ways to achieve those personally and professionally.  No judgement, just write freely.  Any and all ideas.  This helped me narrow down themes and ideas. I then reviewed those themes and ideas to make sure that they aligned with my core desired feelings.  The ones that did I wrote down.

Set specific goals based on those intentions:  I concentrated on each intention and wrote down some goals that would align with them.  I made sure to set them up with specifics so they could be measured.  (S.M.A.R.T. goals...). I then reviewed the goals to be sure again that they aligned with my core desired feelings and prioritized the goals so I know what to focus on first.

Break down the goals:  My next step (which I am working on now) will be to break down those goals into smaller pieces so that I know what to work on each day, week, month....etc.

Set Daily Intentions:  Ongoing I will set intentions each day to help me to accomplish those goals....always making sure to align all intentions with my core desired feelings.  I focus on the Big 3 each day as having too many things to accomplish per day can be overwhelming.

Course correct as needed:  Continuously, as I see fit, I will review all of the above.  When things in life change, our core desired feelings may change.  And once the core desired feelings change, our intentions, goals and actions may change as well.  The key is to always being in tune with how you desire to feel and adjusting accordingly.

Do you have an intention setting ritual?

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