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Are you...

Trying to find comfort at home during chaos?

Desiring to live more intentionally and could use some support?

Searching for like-minded mamas to connect with?  

Looking to evolve your spiritual practices?

Ready to introduce spirituality to your kiddos but not sure how?


If any of these resonate with you, the Spiritual Mamas Unite program may be for you.  Check it out!  Next round starts September 1st!

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Multidimensional healer, Coach, Essential Oil Enthusiast & Spiritual Mama who is passionate about teaching mamas (& their families) simple spiritual practices designed to help them lead a life full of self-love, joy & abundance.

Have you every felt lost?  Like you don't know who you are anymore?  Like everyone else's needs & wants come before yours?   Me too!  


I had so much going for me.  I had my health, 2 amazing kids and a great job in the corporate world.   But I felt something missing.   As a life long learner, I have always been open to personal and professional development and new adventures, but I was looking outside of myself for happiness and I was putting everyone else's needs before my own.  Then I took a leap, hired a coach and started focusing on myself, mind, body and soul.  This changed the entire trajectory of my life.  After years of struggling with who I was, I found myself again through self-care, intentional living and daily spiritual practices.  I even started trusting my intuition again.

And now I am here to help you to do the same! 

Connect with me today to learn more and start your path to healing your mind, body, and spirit!


"Live everyday loving yourself for who you are in that moment, strive to continually evolve to a higher version of that self and inspire others to do the same"

Love. Connect. Inspire

Jill Coletti

Do you have a love of reiki, crystals, oils and/or anything spiritual?

Me too!!!  

Join me as I share that love on my journey as a Spiritual Mama! 

Each month I send my community an amazing reiki infused newsletter to start the month with some love, intention, inspiration & joy. 

I would love to have you join!

P.O. Box 132 Goffstown, NH  03045

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